Is Retail Healthcare our Future?

Is Retail Healthcare the Future of Healthcare Practice

Walgreens, CVS Health, Walmart, and Amazon, what do they all have in common? They are all large retail stores that have chain stores or a vast retail market reach across the United States and are trying their hand at the healthcare industry. These new entries to the healthcare industry are challenging traditional healthcare providers and shifting how we view medical care. Not only are they making services more widely available, but they also provide transparent, affordable pricing that is lacking in today’s healthcare industry.

  • Will the medical care offered by these retailers be appropriate and reasonable?
  • Will providers of retail healthcare be able to navigate the complexity of regulations?
  • Will those that avoid healthcare, the uninsured, now participate?
  • Will these efforts change the industry to fully transparent pricing?
  • Will this improve our individual health?
  • Will population health improve from this effort led by large for-profit retailers?

In this PRA whitepaper, PRA’s Kevin Broich and Michael Brush dive into these four retail giants and explore how they are dipping their toes in the healthcare waters and what that might mean for traditional providers. Is this the future of healthcare that we’ve been waiting for?